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Reflections on 2017

So here is the cliche 2017 reflection blog post. 2017 was a mixed year but here I am going to focus on some of the positive aspects of the year. So… here we go!

  1. I changed my major.
    This was a decision that was incredibly hard for me. It took a lot of prayer and trusting God but also trusting myself and what I wanted for my future. I ultimately ended up incredibly happy with this change. I feel like my new major is a much more fitting place for me and I was only able to recognize that through growth and maturation.
  2. I had a kinda crappy summer job.
    This was something I originally thought would not be something that I would look back on with gratefulness. I worked in a warehouse job that was incredibly repetitive and tedious. The work itself was really boring but I met a lot of people. Through these people, I began to see the world in a new way. A couple people I was able to have really good conversations with and I began to see the world differently because they shared their experiences with me.
  3. Sophomore year…
    Sophomore is known for being kind of the worst. A lot of things change and get harder. This was definitely the case for me. I cried more this semester than I think I did my entire freshman year. However, through all this I found people who truly care for me even when I am not my normal upbeat self that I want to be. So here is a shout out to my people (if you are reading this, you probably know who you are)! Thank you for praying for me, crying with me, hugging me, reminding me why I do this crazy thing called college, and just being my support system. I love you all and I have no clue what I would do without you.
  4. Anti-Human Trafficking
    This year I was able to get more involved in the fight against human trafficking than I ever thought possible. I have prayed with and for people and I have grown so much through this. I have seen God do cool things and heard countless stories of how God is moving through this fight. I’m not sure exactly how this will fit into my future but I know that God has given me this passion for a reason and he will bring it to fruition.
  5. (Last and probably the biggest highlight of my entire year) Sophomore Field
    In the sophomore level field experience for non-ECE majors, you are placed in a school and you have to teach four lessons and stay engaged in the classroom for 35 hours in your semester. Going into this semester, I was very nervous about this. I knew it would be a lot of work and I wasn’t sure what to expect from a middle school. This placement ended up being amazing! The teacher and I ended up getting along incredibly well and I was able to teach my lessons and connect with the students. I was incredibly blessed in my time at this school, in this classroom.

These are only some of the really cool experiences I had this year. As I reflect, I realize how much I have grown and matured this year. It has not always been easy, but I have made it through (by the grace of God and the support of a LOT of people). I am looking forward to 2018 both with excitement and nervous anticipation. I don’t know what next year will bring me, but I know that God will be with me through it all!

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When Heartbreak is a Good Thing

Now, if you are reading this I’m sure you have some questions such as:

Why would heartbreak ever be a good thing?

Heartbreak hurts, why would I want it to happen?


Can good ever come from heartbreak?

I am sure there are other examples of good coming from heartbreak but the heartbreak I’m going to talk about is a different kind than you are likely thinking of. I’m talking about when your heart breaks for the things that break God’s heart.

The phrase “Break my heart for what breaks yours” appears in the bridge of the song “Hosanna” by Hillsong United. I had never really paid much attention to the phrase until a chapel service last Spring. A woman came from another university to speak in chapel and at some other events about the things that she was doing to fight human trafficking. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am very passionate about fighting human trafficking. If you get me started talking about it, it is very hard to get me to stop. So, I went to this chapel eager to learn more about how to fight trafficking.

The theme for our chapel services that semester was “Vocation” so the speaker talked a lot about how she became involved in fighting trafficking. One thing she said will always stick with me. She challenged us to pray the words “Break my heart for what breaks yours.” She told us that it was something that was incredibly dangerous to pray, especially if you truly meant it, but that it was worth it. Since that day, I have kept that phrase in mind and done my best to take it to heart.

That phrase has changed my perspective on some things and has further fueled my passion to fight trafficking. When I participate in trafficking outreach, my heart breaks for the women we encounter. The passion I have found in reaching out to trafficking victims and doing what I can to educate others about this evil in our world has planted seeds in new places. I have found ways to incorporate this passion into my major to fine tune what I want to do with my life. All of this simply came from a special kind of heartbreak. A heartbreak that was a good thing.


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Short Thoughts on Imperfections


This evening my roommate took this lovely picture of my arm featuring my tattoo and coffee cup. She sent it to me and the first thing I noticed about the picture was that my nail polish is chipped and I have a lipstick stain on my coffee cup. Both of these “imperfections” made the picture somehow seem more like me. I am not and will never be a perfect person. That got me thinking about how we perceive “imperfections” and try to hide them. A lot of things that I see as imperfections or things I don’t like about myself are things that make me uniquely me. In addition, the things I’m ashamed of can be a point of connection with someone else or can show how God has impacted my life. I need to be better about showing my imperfections but also how God has redeemed them and made them beautiful in ways that only he can.

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Why, “Be Still”?

For those of you who don’t know, I did something big this week. After debating the decision for over 6 months, I got a tattoo! The tattoo I got is (in my opinion) very tasteful. It is on my wrist and small enough to be easily covered up. It is two simple words: be still.

This tattoo idea started as a doodle. I was bored in class and started lettering different phrases in my notebook. This phrase was simple and easy to embellish or keep simple. I especially liked it because I do struggle to “be still” and trust God sometimes. I like to be in control and don’t like to let others (and especially God at times) have control. By January, I wanted the tattoo, but I decided to wait a while before making a final decision.

A few weeks into the summer I heard a sermon on Psalm 46. (I have linked the sermon here if you want to listen to it.) It was an especially good sermon and talked about the context of the verse, “Be still and know that I am God.” The pastor spoke about how sometimes in life there are bullies (whether they be people or circumstances) who try to attack us but God is still with us and fights for us. Psalm 46 illustrates this and reminds us to trust God by being still and remembering him, even in the midst of chaos raging around us.

Because of that sermon, I wanted the tattoo even more than I already did. One afternoon I decided to look up where else in the Bible the phrase “be still” appeared. The other passage that stood out to me was Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” The context of this verse is right after the Israelites have left Egypt. They see the Red Sea in front of them, and the Egyptians behind them and they want to give up. They forget to trust God and would rather have stayed and died in Egypt than be in the middle of an uncertain future. Moses reminds them that God is still fighting for them and they need to simply “be still.” In the midst of their chaos, they need to slow down and trust that the situation is in God’s control.

After seeing these passages, I knew I really wanted to get this tattoo. The last thing I found that made me want the tattoo a little more was a song based on Psalm 46. I found this song (and album) by accident. I wanted to have some time in scripture, but I didn’t feel like reading that evening. I looked up “Psalm 46” on YouTube and found a song based on the Psalm. (I have linked the song here.) This is a powerful anthem that speaks very clearly about God’s power and might and how he is with us and fights for us. It has become one of my favorite Christian songs this summer.

After seeing God’s message through these things and wanting the tattoo even more, I made my final decision to get the tattoo. I asked my best friend to go with me and I had the tattoo done. I am excited about it and the significance it has for me. I hope that it is a useful reminder to “be still and know that [he is] God.”


The picture on the left is my tattoo and the picture on the right is my wonderful tattoo artist at Castle of Color in Nicholasville, KY doing the tattoo.

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I am an extrovert but…

Anyone who knows me knows that I am very interested in Myers-Briggs personality types. Similarly, anyone who knows would not be surprised to find out that I have been typed as an extrovert on every single personality test I have taken. I do fit quite a few of the stereotypes such as being a generally loud person who likes being around people. However, there are some stereotypes of extroverts that I do not fit into. Here are a few of them:

  • I hate small talk.

Some people think that because extroverts are good at small talk that we enjoy it. I don’t know about other extroverts but I personally dislike small talk. I am somewhat good at it but I would much rather have a conversation where I get to know a person well than have a filler conversation about the weather or how tired I am that day. My favorite types of conversations are ones where I hear about things people are passionate about.

  • I need alone time

While I do love to be around people, I still need alone time in order to function at my best. I do gain energy by being around others (especially having a deeper conversation) but if I don’t get my time by myself to process, I become tired and irritable. When I’m stressed or busier than normal, I have to be especially mindful of getting my “recharge” time.

  • I’m not superficial

Because I can be good at small talk and I am generally a fairly bubbly person, I can sometimes come off as a superficial person at first. It really irritates me when this happens because people underestimate my intelligence and then are surprised when I have insightful things to say. I enjoy intellectual conversations and would much rather have a conversation about Plato’s Republic than what happened on The Bachelor.

  • I do not love public speaking

Just because I am generally comfortable with people does not mean that I am always comfortable speaking in front of people. While it is something I am getting better at, I used to get really bad stage fright before I had to speak. However, it is something I am going to have to get more comfortable doing because I am an education major and will spend a large chunk of the rest of my life speaking in front of people.

I can’t speak for all extroverts but those are a few common stereotypes of extroverts that I do not follow. If you’re an extrovert, what are some stereotypes that you defy?


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Why I Changed My Major

Like quite a few other college freshman in the world, I changed my major this past year. A lot of people have asked me why I changed and I’ve tried to condense the story into a few sentences but that doesn’t fully explain everything that went into my decision. Here is my attempt to explain my reasoning for changing.

The thought of changing my major first came during orientation the first weekend of freshman year which was before classes had even started. I came into college as an Early Childhood Education major and I was in one of the breakout sessions for all the education majors. The professors who were leading the session asked us to raise our hands based on our major. When the ECE majors raised our hands, the majority of the room raised their hands. I remember thinking, “There’s a lot of us… surely there aren’t that many jobs.” While it seems a little superficial, that was the first time the thought of changing my major entered my head. This was especially important because I had never even considered a field of education outside of early childhood.

Throughout a lot of the first semester I wrestled with wondering if I had chosen the correct major. In my first education class, during a lot of the projects I saw myself with older students a lot more than I could with younger kids. During the fall, I also got involved with a local youth group that was mostly middle school students. They were overwhelming at first but they grew on me and I found a love and passion for that age group I hadn’t found before. After talking to some professors, fellow students, and other mentors, by the end of the fall semester I was seriously considering changing to Middle Childhood Education.

In the spring, I had my first field experience. At the end of the fall when I was still on the fence about my major, I had prayed and asked God to use this field experience to help me make a thoughtful decision. For my field, I was placed in a kindergarten classroom in a school about a ten minute drive from campus. While I enjoyed my time in the classroom, I found that I struggled to explain concepts in a way that a five or six year old understood them. I was also quite overwhelmed with the thought that one day I might be in charge of an entire room of six year old students all by myself. After several weeks in the classroom I made the decision to change my major.

I am now a Middle Childhood Education major with concentrations in Language Arts and Mathematics. While my classes will be a bit harder now, I am excited for this change. I am especially excited because with my gifts and passions I think I will be much better equipped to use my teaching as a ministry in this age group. While so much of the future is uncertain, I am excited to see where God leads me on this crazy amazing journey that is life.

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Misadventures in Retail

I know I said this blog is going to be about college, but I don’t move in for another 78 days (no, I’m not counting) so I decided to write about some interesting things that have happened at my job.

I work at a semi well-known retail chain that is known for buying and selling clothes. The job itself is relatively easy. I spend the majority of my time at work sorting clothes and entering things into the computer that we want to buy for the store. Other things I do include tagging, security tagging, hanging, running clothes onto the floor, checking people out, checking buys in, and getting fitting rooms. All in all, it’s a decent job. We have good management, my co-workers are pretty cool, and overall the customers are pretty chill. Here are a few stories of not so chill customers

We Couldn’t Buy His Clothes

As a buyer, you have to be aware of several things. We buy based on brand, condition, style, and what we need in the store. Occasionally there will be buys that we don’t find anything we can buy. When that happens, we call the person up to the counter and explain why we couldn’t buy their clothes, thank them for bringing in their items, and tell them to have a good day. Most of the time the customers are chill and understand that we are just doing our jobs and go about their day still being pleasant. Other times they don’t react well.

A while back there was a man who came in to sell clothes. For whatever reason we had to pass on all of his clothes, and we explained why. Unlike the chill customers, he got angry and stormed out of the store. We had some outdoor clearance racks which he rammed with his bag, it fell over, all the clothes fell off, and the rack broke. #MisadventuresInRetail

Drowned Phone

There was this lady who accidentally dropped her phone in the toilet. Understandably, she panicked and asked those of us behind the counter for advice on what to do. One of my coworkers recommended that she get some rice from a little supermarket in the same shopping center as our store to put her phone in. The people in the supermarket were kind enough to give her a shopping bag full of rice free of charge to hopefully save her phone. That was all well and good, until she came back to the store with her bag of rice that had a little hole in the bottom. As she walked around the store, it slowly leaked rice out until she got to the checkout counter and the bottom of the bag burst spilling her phone and all of the rest of the rice all over the floor. I bet you can guess who got to clean up that mess. #MisadventuresInRetail

You found WHAT in a fitting room?

I was running clothes from the rack where people put the clothes they’ve tried on in the fitting rooms with one of my coworkers. A man approached my coworker, and they both went into a fitting room and came out with a disgusted look on her face and told me that there was a piece of poop in the corner of the fitting room. We had no clue how it got there, and none of us wanted to clean it up. We put a sign on the door and made plans to deal with it later. When I checked the man out, he asked if he could get a discount because of what he found. After consulting with my manager, we gave him a $5 coupon for his next visit. After closing, we thoroughly cleaned the fitting room and made sure to disinfect it. I guess you can say I dealt with a lot of crap that day. #MisadventuresInRetail

I almost got a blind date

I was checking a woman out, and somehow my lack of significant other came up. When she found out I was single, she got super excited and started telling me about this guy she knew who was also single. I did my best to tell her politely that I wasn’t interested without showing that I was super uncomfortable with the whole situation. She had also found these boots that she was considering getting, but she wanted to wait and come back and get them later. I put them on the wall on hold like we are supposed to and hoped she wouldn’t recognize me when she came back. Thankfully, she ended up coming back while I was on break, so I didn’t see her again. #MisadventuresInRetail


Thankfully these things don’t happen very often. I have worked at this store for ten months and overall it has been a relatively positive experience. I have learned a lot about clothes and retail but also things like how to get along with people and work with them despite our differences. While it hasn’t always been easy balancing work and school, I am very glad I ended up working here. I will dearly miss my job and my coworkers in September when I leave for college!