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Short Thoughts on Imperfections


This evening my roommate took this lovely picture of my arm featuring my tattoo and coffee cup. She sent it to me and the first thing I noticed about the picture was that my nail polish is chipped and I have a lipstick stain on my coffee cup. Both of these “imperfections” made the picture somehow seem more like me. I am not and will never be a perfect person. That got me thinking about how we perceive “imperfections” and try to hide them. A lot of things that I see as imperfections or things I don’t like about myself are things that make me uniquely me. In addition, the things I’m ashamed of can be a point of connection with someone else or can show how God has impacted my life. I need to be better about showing my imperfections but also how God has redeemed them and made them beautiful in ways that only he can.


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