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When Heartbreak is a Good Thing

Now, if you are reading this I’m sure you have some questions such as:

Why would heartbreak ever be a good thing?

Heartbreak hurts, why would I want it to happen?


Can good ever come from heartbreak?

I am sure there are other examples of good coming from heartbreak but the heartbreak I’m going to talk about is a different kind than you are likely thinking of. I’m talking about when your heart breaks for the things that break God’s heart.

The phrase “Break my heart for what breaks yours” appears in the bridge of the song “Hosanna” by Hillsong United. I had never really paid much attention to the phrase until a chapel service last Spring. A woman came from another university to speak in chapel and at some other events about the things that she was doing to fight human trafficking. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am very passionate about fighting human trafficking. If you get me started talking about it, it is very hard to get me to stop. So, I went to this chapel eager to learn more about how to fight trafficking.

The theme for our chapel services that semester was “Vocation” so the speaker talked a lot about how she became involved in fighting trafficking. One thing she said will always stick with me. She challenged us to pray the words “Break my heart for what breaks yours.” She told us that it was something that was incredibly dangerous to pray, especially if you truly meant it, but that it was worth it. Since that day, I have kept that phrase in mind and done my best to take it to heart.

That phrase has changed my perspective on some things and has further fueled my passion to fight trafficking. When I participate in trafficking outreach, my heart breaks for the women we encounter. The passion I have found in reaching out to trafficking victims and doing what I can to educate others about this evil in our world has planted seeds in new places. I have found ways to incorporate this passion into my major to fine tune what I want to do with my life. All of this simply came from a special kind of heartbreak. A heartbreak that was a good thing.



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