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Why, “Be Still”?

For those of you who don’t know, I did something big this week. After debating the decision for over 6 months, I got a tattoo! The tattoo I got is (in my opinion) very tasteful. It is on my wrist and small enough to be easily covered up. It is two simple words: be still.

This tattoo idea started as a doodle. I was bored in class and started lettering different phrases in my notebook. This phrase was simple and easy to embellish or keep simple. I especially liked it because I do struggle to “be still” and trust God sometimes. I like to be in control and don’t like to let others (and especially God at times) have control. By January, I wanted the tattoo, but I decided to wait a while before making a final decision.

A few weeks into the summer I heard a sermon on Psalm 46. (I have linked the sermon here if you want to listen to it.) It was an especially good sermon and talked about the context of the verse, “Be still and know that I am God.” The pastor spoke about how sometimes in life there are bullies (whether they be people or circumstances) who try to attack us but God is still with us and fights for us. Psalm 46 illustrates this and reminds us to trust God by being still and remembering him, even in the midst of chaos raging around us.

Because of that sermon, I wanted the tattoo even more than I already did. One afternoon I decided to look up where else in the Bible the phrase “be still” appeared. The other passage that stood out to me was Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” The context of this verse is right after the Israelites have left Egypt. They see the Red Sea in front of them, and the Egyptians behind them and they want to give up. They forget to trust God and would rather have stayed and died in Egypt than be in the middle of an uncertain future. Moses reminds them that God is still fighting for them and they need to simply “be still.” In the midst of their chaos, they need to slow down and trust that the situation is in God’s control.

After seeing these passages, I knew I really wanted to get this tattoo. The last thing I found that made me want the tattoo a little more was a song based on Psalm 46. I found this song (and album) by accident. I wanted to have some time in scripture, but I didn’t feel like reading that evening. I looked up “Psalm 46” on YouTube and found a song based on the Psalm. (I have linked the song here.) This is a powerful anthem that speaks very clearly about God’s power and might and how he is with us and fights for us. It has become one of my favorite Christian songs this summer.

After seeing God’s message through these things and wanting the tattoo even more, I made my final decision to get the tattoo. I asked my best friend to go with me and I had the tattoo done. I am excited about it and the significance it has for me. I hope that it is a useful reminder to “be still and know that [he is] God.”


The picture on the left is my tattoo and the picture on the right is my wonderful tattoo artist at Castle of Color in Nicholasville, KY doing the tattoo.